The International Year will promote tourism’s role in the following five key areas

  • Inclusive and sustainable economic growth;
  • Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction;
  • Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change;
  • Cultural values, diversity and heritage; and
  • Mutual understanding, peace and security.
Main Themes of UNWTO Sub themes
1 Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Tourism for People, Prosperity and Sustainable Growth
  • Supply Chain Management and Value Creation for Inclusive Tourism Growth
  • Tourism Product Diversification and Sustainable Product Innovation
  • Offshoots of Tourism Products and Consumption
  • Fair Trade and Inclusive Tourism Development
  • Exploring Niche Tourism Markets and new Tourism Products
  • Sustaining Tourism Profits and Enhancing Tourism Revenue
2 Social Inclusiveness,Employment and Poverty Reduction
  • Social Accountability in Sustainable Tourism
  • Beyond the Coins and Numbers in Tourism Development
  • People Partnership for Social Inclusiveness in Tourism
  • Women Empowerment and Inclusive Tourism Employment
  • Changing the Fabric of Tourism through the Creativity of Youth
  • Social Polarization and Pro-Poor Tourism Employment
3 Resource Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Climate Change
  • Emerging Dimensions and Growing Perceptions of Service Quality in Tourism
  • Ensuring Service Quality for Discerning Customers in Tourism
  • Enhancing the Efficiency of Resource Utilization in Tourism Development
  • Tourism Mobility and Urban Resource Management
  • Responsible and Healthier Consumption in Tourism
  • Innovation and Creation for Greener Tourism Products
  • Disaster Preparedness and Resilience Building for Sustainable Tourism
4 Cultural Values, Diversity and Heritage
  • Infusing Local Culture and Creativity in Tourism Offerings
  • Inter and Intra Cultural Diversity for Inclusive Tourism Development
  • Enhancing Tourism Growth through Euphoric Host-Guest Relationship
  • Cultural Values and Tourism Revenue Management
  • Tourism Product Diversification and Indigenous Tourism Development
5 Mutual Understanding, Peace and Security
  • ‘Tourism-phobia’ and Increasing Hostilities in Destination Sites
  • Peace and Security for Tourism Investments and Business Expansion
  • Public-Private and People Partnership for Easing Vulnerability in Tourism Development
  • Exploitation of Tourism Potentials and Vigilance of Tourism Challenges