Expected Specific Activities of the Summit and Conference

Diplomats Forum – "Global Expectation for Sri Lanka Tourism Development" from Ambassadors/Representatives from Tourist Origin Countries

National Tourism Organizations’ Forum: "Together for Tourism All", Chairmen/CEOs from SLTDA, SLPB, SLCB, SLITHM, SLITO, TAASL, SMET etc

Cooperate and Industry Leaders’ Forum: "Strengthening Cooperate Partnership for Implementation of Tourism Strategies", CEOs/COOs from the industry and cooperate sector of Sri Lanka

International Tourism Organizations’ Dialogue: "Lessons Learnt from Global Best Practitioners" CEOs/ Chairmen from NTOs

Women's Forum: "Empowering and Equity in Tourism" – Women Tourism Leaders, NGOs, Local Organizations/Authorities

Tourism Community Forum: "Building Capacities and Enhancing Community Contribution for Inclusive Tourism"; I/NGOs, Community Leaders, Community Organizations

Aviation and Travel Forum: "Enhancing Connectivity and Industry Networks"; Airlines, Travel Agencies, DMCs

Human Resource forum: "Multiplying Human Capital Investment".

Annual Tree Planting Campaign and Public Awareness Programs

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