Diplomats Forum

Journey to 2030: Transforming Our Destination and Sustainable Development Goals

Synopsis Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals – Journey to 2030:Economy, Society and Environment have been impacted by tourism by and large in public policy, both at the national and international levels even before induction of Sustainable Development Goals SDGS.United nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) act as the lead United Nations Agency for Tourism. UNWTO […]

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CEO Forum

Cooperate and CEO Panel-Resilient Building: Booming Tourism for Global Value Chain

Integrated Recovery Strategies for Tourism Development in Sri Lanka: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words. This Forum will be enriched by eminent resource panels from the representatives from Diverse Sectors of Tourism, Hospitality Telecommunication, Food and Beverage Supply Chain, to create the Voice of Unvoiced for the Rapid Recovery of Sri Lanka Tourism ensuring its sustainability […]

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Policy Steering Panel-Integrated Solutions

Policy Steering Panel-Integrated Solutions: Predictable Policy Making and Professional Bureaucracy

Synopsis – Policy Making versus International Affairs for Tourism Promotion Tourism is a pivotal role in development in a country’s economy. In the present day context, research on tourism is important than ever before. Most national universities have wealth of new knowledge and research available. Within the industry, in a global competitive environment, stakeholders endorse […]

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ICT Development for Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Sri Lanka: Search Engine Optimization & Social Media in Digital Hospitality & Tourism

With the advent of digital revolution and the World Wide Web (WWW) with the dawn of the Digital revolution, the World Wide Web internet has become the go-to place for

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