Specific Activities of the Summit and Conference

Tourism Leaders'
Summit- Research Forum for Tour Operators

was held on 05th of May during Sancharaka Udawa 8th Edition

Following Research areas were discussed with the Industry

Customer Based Brand Equity for promoting Sri Lanka as a Tourism Destination-With Special Reference to Wedding Tourism

A Study on Emotional Labour in Commercial Hospitality from Employees’ Perspective

Women's Forum: "Empowering and Equity in Tourism" – Women Tourism Leaders, NGOs, Local Organizations/Authorities

Tourism Study Programmes of the Department of Economics, University of Colombo and Other Tourism Related Education Institiutes joined hands With Hilton Colombo as ‘Inclusive Partner’ at the ‘Tourism Leaders’ Summit;Women's Forum

It is the perfect blend of opportunities aimed at enriching Public-Private Partnerships with learning and networking forums that will give Tourism industry insights for gender equality proven through comprehensive research and presented by international scholars and prominent academicians

The Chief Guest- H.E Joanne Doornewaard -Ambassador of Kingdom of Netherlands

The Guest of Honor/Key Note Speaker -Gender Equality Why it Matters to Leadership Ms. Rosy Senanayake Colombo First Female Mayor ,Prime Minister’s Spokesperson and the Deputy Head of the Prime Minister's Office

Diplomats Forum – "Global Expectation for Sri Lanka Tourism Development"

from Ambassadors/Representatives from Tourist Origin Countries

National Tourism Organizations’ Forum: "Together for Tourism All", Chairmen/CEOs from SLTDA, SLPB, SLCB, SLITHM, SLITO, TAASL, SMET etc

Cooperate and Industry Leaders’ Forum: "Strengthening Cooperate Partnership for Implementation of Tourism Strategies", CEOs/COOs from the industry and cooperate sector of Sri Lanka

International Tourism Organizations’ Dialogue: "Lessons Learnt from Global Best Practitioners" CEOs/ Chairmen from NTOs

Tourism Community Forum: "Building Capacities and Enhancing Community Contribution for Inclusive Tourism"; I/NGOs, Community Leaders, Community Organizations

Aviation and Travel Forum: "Enhancing Connectivity and Industry Networks"; Airlines, Travel Agencies, DMCs

Human Resource forum: "Multiplying Human Capital Investment"

Annual Tree Planting Campaign and Public Awareness Programs