Cooperate and CEO Panel-Resilient Building: Booming Tourism for Global Value Chain



Integrated Recovery Strategies for Tourism Development in Sri Lanka: “Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

This Forum will be enriched by eminent resource panels from the representatives from Diverse Sectors of Tourism, Hospitality Telecommunication, Food and Beverage Supply Chain, to create the Voice of Unvoiced for the Rapid Recovery of Sri Lanka Tourism ensuring its sustainability

Following will be the Key Highlights in this Panel

  1. Manage Diversity; Manage Diversity : Music, Dance and Art provide sense to Race, Language, Special Needs, Disability, Family Structure, Gender, Age and Sexual Preference in a contemporary world Multicultural and Multifaceted nations value diversity as an asset
  2. Research and Technology; Technology plays a pivotal role in the Industry. It has re-shaped the world as it. What was once science fiction is slowly becoming an integral part of our real lives? And at the end of it all, this has provided convenience and comfort for of mankind, and considering that Hospitality is about convenience and comfort, then it is a duty of the industry to keep up with the ever changing world of technology and Research .
  3. Infrastructure Improvement; Recognize salient elements of their differentiation in vertical horizontal categories in the tourism industry and reasons behind infrastructure development in the tourism and other industries. also Check and gain appropriate approvals for all aspects of formal agreements according to organization procedures to identify the need for and seek specialist advice in the development of contracts where appropriate
  4. Financing and Operations; Transformative tourism demonstrative projects & finical integration to boost tourism in Sri Lanka It is important to emphasizes organization network, outsourcing areas and exclusivity and inclusion in the work place
  5. Abstract to implantation; The future will be Knowledge Based Economy and Society for Integrated Sustainable Development Activities based on scientific research
  6. Training and Development; The growth of the business depends on the following three areas: the ability to attract people, the ability to develop, the ability to retain people. These have a major impact on the following three statements. Reputation in the industry, Reputation of the hotel as an employer and Opportunities fordevelopment with orientation and structured training
  7. Gender Equality and Empowering Women for Tourism:While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals(including equal access to primary education between girls and boys), women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence inevery part of the world
  8. Cyber Security Data Protection and E Commerce: Capable of implementation, Enforceable, Concise and easy to understand in the Cyber space. E Governence,Compliance and regulations are the buss word today in the contempary world
  9. Yield and revenue Management: The future of tourism will be increasingly based on organizational strategy, Rate Structure, Bundle package ,Best possible rate. This will be the bottom line in the industry. Quantity Vs Quality will be the future of a healthy industry

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