Journey to 2030: Transforming Our Destination and Sustainable Development Goals




Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals – Journey to 2030:Economy, Society and Environment have been impacted by tourism by and large in public policy, both at the national and international levels even before induction of Sustainable Development Goals SDGS.United nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) act as the lead United Nations Agency for Tourism.

UNWTO mainly Focuses on Global Code of Ethics for Tourism(GCET), the Sustainable Tourism – Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) Initiative, the International Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories (INSTO), the Steering Committee on Tourism and Development (SCTD), and through technical assistance that helps countries develop and implement in alliance national sustainable tourism strategies, policies, programmes and projects with SDGS

  • The Sustainable Development Goals – offering new opportunities for tourism whilst facing threats and obstacle in both Planning and implementation stages
  • Harnessing tourism’s multiplier effect through integrated policies- Intuitions and Institutional Mechanisms, National Policies,Stratrgies,action plans and Process
  • The Private Sector Involvement-creating the environment for private sector to be part and parcel on the endeavor, Competitiveness, Financing of tourism, private sector commitment
  • knowledge sharing – frameworks, scientific research , progress, benchmark, Improving performance
  • Alignment – Development cooperation, priorities and objectives to the SDG, assistance between development banks and donor countries, and an inclusive, whole-of-government approach can increase resource efficiencies, improve the quality and longevity of positive socio-economic and conservation outcomes and mitigate possible negative impacts on the SDGs
  • Going beyond development cooperation- Enhanced Integrated Framework, Sustainable Consumption and Production, Green Finance, Biodiversity Conservation, National Tourism Export Strategies, local production in the supply chain by removing barriers to trade, shaping sound investment policies and building capacity and incentives for SMEs to access loans and credits for greening their operations
  • National planning and business practices-design and implementation, Devise more inclusive tourism policies, Strengthen the integration of tourism

Policy Environment needs to focus on VICE model of tourism Promotion in the globe through SDG -Visitor Satisfaction, Industry Profitability, Community Acceptance ,Environment protection ,Journey to 2030 in SDGS, Abstract to Implementation, Sustainable Cites, Holistic Waste Management ,Agenda Setting, Policy Innovation, Price Elasticity and Endangered Species for Trading enhance tourism promotion in the context of SDGs.

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