Policy Steering Panel-Integrated Solutions: Predictable Policy Making and Professional Bureaucracy



Synopsis – Policy Making versus International Affairs for Tourism Promotion

Tourism is a pivotal role in development in a country’s economy. In the present day context, research on tourism is important than ever before. Most national universities have wealth of new knowledge and research available. Within the industry, in a global competitive environment, stakeholders endorse the need for updated knowledge through research. In recent times, the tourist industry has emerged as a forceful economic power in the development of the many countries. The alignment of tourism development and promotional policies with the national interest.

It is understood that domestic policy will impact International Affairs for Tourism Promotion. The Inevitable changes to public management and Leadership, Foreign policy and public finance, have forced governments to change the way they make and implement tourism promotions.

As a result Professional Bureaucracy and Accountable executives has managing home affairs has, rightly been given a high priority
The world is changing traditional foreign policy concerns with social movements,diversity,Democratisation, Electoral Politics and the role of the media are increasingly being influenced externally by lager changes to tourism Promotion in Overseas.

In order to understand to above changes shift in inter-ministerial communication and awareness are needed, from purely home affairs to growing impact of regional and global issues. A Sound grounding in international affairs is essential for tourism promotions in overseas
International Political Economy, International Economic Development, Global Governance in Contempary world are key areas for Integrated Solutions: Predictable Policy Making and Professional Bureaucracy
Rigorous awareness for strong foundation in economic analysis, policy analysis, frameworks of policy analysis are essence to promote tourism overseas.

Way Forward; Abstract to Implantation in Tourism Policy for development needs strong brands to associate in the economy with an effective differentiation strategy could portrait the destination in the global tourism Index. The Higher level government in the policy making activities using following model with capturing rising opportunities within the industry.

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